Publishing is a fundamental part of becoming a better writer. Sharing writing with others helps the author understand the impact their words have on others and revise it accordingly. Here at TLG, we encourage and support all of our students to share their writing through publishing their writing.

Multiple AuthorsTLG Anthology Vol 23 PDF
Multiple AuthorsTLG Anthology Vol 22PDF
Multiple AuthorsTLG Anthology Vol 21PDF
Multiple AuthorsHS Insider Los Angeles Times – The Literacy Guild
Rina HuangInterstitial: A Memoir of In-Betweens
Aiden ChenRetribution
Viona HuangMy Shape
Alec WongThe Wind Meets The Sword
Jennifer WangDisneyland Journey
Winston HsuMemoirs of a Casual Chess Player
Vivian HuangAwait 等.
Justin SunThe Nine Tales of Heroism: A Selection of Short Stories from My 5th Grade Mind
Megan C. LeeDiary of a Calligrapher
Rachel LeeKilling is the Easy Part
Jolie L. WangColumn: How I chose my college
Helaine ZhaoOpinion: Cell phones should be restricted in classrooms
Bianca YenColumn: College application advice
Bianca YenOpinion: Playing video games should be considered a sport
Edwin BaiColumn: The purpose of education
Jolie L. WangColumn: My mild case of senioritis
Bianca YenOpinion: Musical training makes you more intelligent
Henry LiuThe fall of Hitler
Weber LaiOpinion: Trigger warnings may not be effective
Bianca YenColumn: Creating a personal project through Perler beads
Edwin BaiOpinion: Unjustified Justice: Systemic racism in the criminal justice system
Bianca YenOpinion: The addictive nature of social media
Rina HuangReview: ‘A Tale for the Time Being’ is uninspired and unnecessary
Izzy YuanOpinion: The United States needs bilingual education
Jolie L. WangOpinion: Falling in love with “Our Beloved Summer”
Alex LiOpinion: The Boardwalk of Education: College Board stretches the definition of a nonprofit
Henry LiuRanking the top 5 generals of all-time
Jolie L. WangControversy surrounding the Korean drama ‘Snowdrop’ starring Blackpink’s Jisoo
Bianca YenReview: Stressed? Take a break in ‘Stardew Valley’ 
Sabrina SuColumn: First day of school after quarantine
Brian ChenOpinion: The dark side of social media
Izzy YuanVenture into the unknown
Luke HuangKobe Bryant: Legends never die
Helaine ZhaoReview: Mobile game ‘Clash Royale’ requires strategy and teamwork
Bianca YenOpinion: COVID-19 restrictions lifted in California but the pandemic is not over
Helaine ZhaoReview: ‘The Penthouse: War In Life’ will always leave you wanting more
Mark LinOpinion: Educating the public on adolescent depression
Lucien ShihReview: Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi’ trailer
Devon ChangColumn: Not enough about me
Avery WangOpinion: Animal testing should be banned
Kira ZengOpinion: School grades are overrated
Devon ChangColumn: COVID-19 around the world: Taipei through my mothers eyes
Emily YaoOpinion: Electronics are bad for children and teens
Kyle ChenOpinion: The realities of climate change
Winston HsuOpinion: How to stop slave and child labor
Edwin BaiOpinion: The reality of law enforcement revealed on the Capitol Hill riot
Michelle JinWhy crypto art could possibly be the future of the art industry
Grace YangOpinion: AI will not kill humankind
Winston HsuOpinion: Mental health should be a main priority during quarantine
Grace YangReview: ‘Dreams, Data, Exhaustion, Cancer, and Care’
Aidan ChenOpinion: What makes a movie good or bad
John HahOpinion: The sobering truth of health issues for young adults
Michelle JinOpinion: How to prevent cheating in the age of online school
Avery WangRemembering Auschwitz 76 years later
Haisyl NgOpinion: Message to President-elect Biden — Global warming
Haisyl NgOpinion: Bring back home economic
Devon ChangOpinion: A race for a cure — Racism and the COVID-19 pandemic
Lucas WongOpinion: Protect privacy — CA should have voted no on Proposition 24
Michelle JinReview: Immersive realism within Studio Ghibli films
Rina HuangOpinion: The United States prison system is deeply flawed and demands reform
Devon ChangOpinion: Four ways to continue climate findings from COVID-19
Michelle JinReview: Immersive realism within Studio Ghibli films
Rina HuangOpinion: The United States prison system is deeply flawed and demands reform
Lydia YangOpinion: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and the abortion debate
Jeffrey ChouColumn: My experience visiting the United Arab Emirates before COVID-19
John HahMessage to my next president: Water is the backbone of life
Kira ZengPreventing and reducing cases of sexual harassment in higher education workplaces
Grace YangOpinion: The winners and losers of the pandemic — Some companies thrive, some suffer
Grace YangReview: ‘The Goldfinch’ novel displays realistic human emotion
Grace YangMessage to my next president: Public school systems need to be better
Freddy SongMessage to my next president: Be the president that saves the planet
Avery WangMessage to my next president: Make America more equal
Alex LiMessage to my next President: We need decisive leadership against disasters like COVID-19
Rina HuangMessage to my next president: Confront the deep racial inequality in the United States
Karen WuMessage to my next president: Decency is our starting point
Grace YangOpinion: What COVID-19 has been like for a Middle Schooler
Megan LeeOpinion: Political correctness — polite is right
Vivian HuangOpinion: Vote NO on Proposition 16 — A racist solution to racism
Darren GittisriboongulOpinion: The U.S. should implement bilingual education
Theona HsuOpinion: The importance of fair monitoring in athletics
Avery WangOpinion: The pandemic defeats Trump
Jeffrey ChouColumn: My experience visiting London before COVID-19
Theona HsuOpinion: The cultural and economic benefits of immigration
Emily LaOpinion: We need mental health help in prisons
Grace YangOpinion: Asian Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement
Megan LeeOpinion: Be aware or Beware — The importance of mindfully consuming information
Theona HsuReview: ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover
Grace YangOpinion: Lessons from COVID-19 for the next pandemic
Justin ChangOpinion: Why school does more harm than good
Susie GuOpinion: P.E. is essential
Bobby ZhuOpinion: Is there hope for USA’s international leadership after COVID-19?
Bianca YenOpinion: American individualism is failing against COVID-19
Edwin BaiOpinion: Russia’s international cyber crimes
Devon ChangOpinion: Four ways to continue climate findings from COVID-19
Brandon ChiangOpinion: Four Taiwan COVID-19 strategies the U.S. should adopt
Zhuoran YangDido — an ancient feminist
Vivian HuangColumn: How COVID-19 affects Chinese society
Jaden ZhangOpinion: Regulate people not guns
Zhuoran YangReview: Ian Mortimer’s novel is a flashback to Medieval England
Andrew WangOpinion: Better teachers and money can lead to failure
Shiloh LiuOpinion: Hong Kong protests are the American Revolution of the 21st Century
Shiloh LiuOpinion: The one-sided US-China trade wars in the 1800s
Vivian HuangOpinion: Chinese people and government must react to the protest movement
Vivian HuangOpinion: Hong Kong’s view of the protest movement
Brandon ChiangOpinion: Was Benedict Arnold’s betrayal justified?
Jacky Zhang; Illustrated by Wing KwokSnowball
Charissa Chen; Photography by Ida ShumA Blade of Life
Tina TsaiCowboy Ninja and the Chinese Princess
Tina TsaiCowboy Ninja and the Schoolmarm
Tina TsaiThe Legend of Phoenix Mountain