TLG Curriculum and Professional Development

Bring TLG to your school! The TLG Curriculum and Professional Development is available for schools and school districts to make the benefits of the TLG approach available for all students. The TLG Curriculum aligns with college level expectations and national educational standards. 

The TLG curriculum was developed by TLG founder Dr. Tina Tsai to help students:

  • Improve reading comprehension.
  • Learn broad vocabulary.
  • Write clearly and conventionally.
  • Develop sophisticated writing styles.
  • Deepen critical thinking.
  • Publish writing.
  • Prepare for high school writing tests.
  • Prepare for college level reading, thinking, and writing.

Schools and educational programs can enrich their K-12 learning environments with higher level thinking, reading, and writing using TLG Reading and Writing Curriculum materials. 

TLG Professional Development can help educators everywhere improve and hone their craft by learning how to provide  guidance and support for young readers and writers on their road to college level writing and creative expression. 

To inquire or purchase TLG Curriculum, please contact us: